Welcome to Corgi and Me!

Trusted Pet Sitting Services

Corgi and Me is an exceptional pet care service for dogs and cats of all sizes shapes and kinds. We have the knowledge, professionalism and expertise to care for your animal when you aren’t able to be there.

If your dog needs a walk or potty break, your cat needs a little attention, or you want help with transportation- we can assure your furry family member all the love and attention they can handle.

We are not a kennel or boarding facility, so call us today and see how we’re different and why our clients come back time after time.

Consistency and Reliability

We know how important consistency is for the well-being of an animal. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to establish a relationship with a professional and loving pet sitter who you can count on each and every time you need to be away from home without your best friend?

Why put your pet in a cage or boarding facility when they can be cared for in your home?

Whether you are leaving tomorrow on a last-minute emergency, or planning for the future, we are here to help!