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I’ve been a Corgi owner (along with miscellaneous other pets) for the last few decades or so – giving me a all kinds of insight into the breed and their personality.

Does that mean I only take care of Corgis? Certainly not!

I’m happy to provide equal opportunity pet care- to all dogs and cats- large and small, short and tall.

Corgi and Me was started to provide the level of care I would want my dog or cat to receive. After a long career in the high tech industry, traveling all over the world, I understand how important it is to feel confident that when you can’t be there (for any reason) your pet is receiving love and protection. Plus that, my background has given me the experience to conduct business with a very reliable and mature style.

We offer you “customized pet carebecause we understand that one size does not fit all. Now you can leave home knowing your pet has the best possible care.

Today, Corgi and Me is a growing pet care service offering a full range of options for owners who need to leave their furry friend behind for any reason.

We know one of the hardest parts of any vacation or business trip is figuring out what to do with your pet – and if you travel regularly, it can be even harder on you and your animal.

Cats and dogs appreciate consistency, so when you’re considering boarding your dog, or finding a cat-sitter, we’d like to hear from you.

That’s why we enjoy ‘connecting’ with your pet, and we arrange the same sitter each time. That way, you won’t leave — or come back to — a stressed out, unhappy pet, and can get back to ‘business as usual’ upon your return.